Chapter 1 - Page 1

And so it begins!

It’s midnight on July 1, 2016, and you know what that means. Magical Boy Basil officially begins! Every hour, on the hour, for this entire day, we’ll be releasing one new page of the comic. Keep checking back for updates as the day goes on!

As part of our launch, lemme give you a little walk-through on how the website is set up. Right now you’re looking at our news feed. Our news feed includes the page along with comments and news updates for the comic. We'll start off these posts with our most important news update (it'll be fun, I promise), and then we'll move on to the comic page...

Chapter 1 - Page 1

Here's where you'll find the page and creator comments. If you click on the page, you'll be taken to a clean chapter gallery. The chapter gallery contains all of the pages for that chapter without the associated comments and news that you see here. This is the purest reading experience, complete with thumbnail browsing and prev/next links so that you can read the story in order.

Of course, if you want to read the comic with comments, you can just use the navigation that appears at the bottom of the news feed posts. You’ll see it right before the comments section.

The Side Bar

We also have an awesome navigation menu to your left. Whether you’re scrolling through the news feed or clicking through archives, you’ll always have access to the entire website via this menu.

  • The Magical Boy Basil Logo brings you to our home page, which displays our most recent pages.
  • About is where you’ll find the synopsis for Magical Boy Basil, a little info about us, and a contact form.
  • We also have a Newsletter you can sign up for. Never miss a page—you don’t even have to leave your inbox!
  • Meet the Cast has icons and short bios for each of the characters. You never know what you might learn, so check them out!
  • If you like the comic, you can learn how to Support Us through monthly donations and art supplies.
  • Our Shop is full of cool products like original art, prints, and swag!
  • Of course, Read the Comic will provide a list of available chapters. Select a chapter and start reading!
  • And finally, please consider supporting the comic through our Donate link. Patreon is an excellent way to help support the comic on a month-to-month basis, which is great for a continuously updating project.
  • Oh! And don't forget to follow us through those social media links!

Finally, Comments

The last step to cover is our comments section. If you like a page, got something to say about the news, have a question, or just wanna say hello, you can drop a note in the comments section below. Comments are available in the news feed, but they are not available in the chapter galleries.

So… Let us know what you think!

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