Chapter 1 - Page 13

Half Way Through Already?

Page 13 already puts us into the second half of today’s release! Omigosh, the time is flying! (Or I suspect it will be flying. I definitely wrote all of these blurbs ahead of time.)

You might be wondering what happens when this release day wraps up? Is that it? Is the comic over?

No, of course not. Psh, as if Beckah and I know how to write short stories, HA! After today, we’ll be back again next Friday with yet another page, this one beginning Chapter 2. We’ll run on a regularly scheduled one page per week thereafter, posted on Fridays, until further notice. You can follow Magical Boy Basil page updates from the comfort of your own inbox by signing up for our newsletter!

Chapter 1 - Page 13

Based on a True Story

If you’ve never seen the pressure of bad plumbing shoot a faucet off the sink like a champagne cork, your life is lacking for not having the experience. Unfortunately, I too have not had this first-hand experience, but our housemate Sid described the moment the Food Ave sink exploded at Target with such hilarious detail that we had to put it into our comic.

Sid’s experience was funnier though. The sink exploded at the exact moment she insisted to her boss that the kitchen needed updating. Have you ever seen a wet cat?

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