Chapter 1 - Page 14

A Little About Us

If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve got a Behind the Magic page that introduces us as the creators of Magical Boy Basil. If you’re reading this page on release day, you likely already know us and all the information available online. All the information, that is, except for the division of labor.

See, I typically introduce myself as the writer and Beckah as the artist, but the roles aren’t as clearly defined as that. In the standard production of a comic, you’ve got to bring the story from concept to design to script to layout to pencil to ink to lettering to distribution, and even that is a bit of an over simplification. We haven’t even mentioned products and promotion and all the invisible financial details and convention logistics behind the maintenance and growth of a webcomic.

So we get asked all the time, “What do you do for the comic?” and Beckah and I just exchange glances and wonder if there’s enough time to actually untangle it all. In reality, our division of labor comes down to is this: we both do everything, though we typically only do some things, but it’s really decided based on who will do it best, fastest, and in the time allotted.

We both are writers, and we both are artists, and we both are marketing agents, and the typical day of Magical Boy Basil production involves intense creative conversations over coffee (how’s that for alliteration?) and a general feeling over overwhelm, pride, and panic as we both do whatever is freakin’ necessary to achieve the look we want in the time we have available to do it.

Which is why this page is different. Lemme show you…

Chapter 1 - Page 14

Page 14, A Visual History

To understand this page, you’ve gotta understand a few different things:

  1. I designed this page when I was young and naive and invincible.
  2. It really wasn’t my problem. Beckah was the one who was gonna draw it anyway.
  3. As the time approached to produce this page, the reality of it began to dawn on us.
  4. Beckah hates perspective.
  5. I’m alright at it, I guess.
  6. Let’s come back to it.
  7. Oh shit, we’re running out of time.
  8. Oh shit, we have literally done everything else we can possibly do except for this page.
  9. Oh shit, Chapter 1 is due next week.
  10. Oh shit.

So we broke the mold. Every single page that you see in this chapter was penciled by Beckah, except this one. It took me something like 12 hours on the weekend to get through it. This is what I drew:

And then Beckah took it and inked this:

And then, returning to our standard process, I colored it as you see in the final product.

All things considered, it was pretty fun!

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