Chapter 1 - Page 16

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It’s been a while since I mentioned it (since 3AM, in fact) so I figured this was a great page to bring it up again. We’re selling the original comic book page artwork!

That’s right! Every page that’s posted to the website is available for purchase. As part of comic production, Beckah draws the full page illustration using ink on 11″x17″ comic board, which is then scanned into the computer and vectorized/colored using Illustrator. Once it’s published here, we have no technical need for the pages, they just look really freakin’ cool.

Wanna bring home a real life piece of something you found on the internet? (Crazy, I know right?) Original comic pages sell for $100 and are available in our shop.

Chapter 1 - Page 16

The page 16-17 spread is my favorite in all of Chapter 1. Beckah’s detail is just… Well, I don’t know about you, but I admire her line work. So, I’m real pleased to be sharing these two pages with you.

Be sure to check back next hour to catch the update about page 17. There’s a story I wanna tell you!

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