Chapter 1 - Page 21

It's Cursed, Not Haunted...

In an earlier draft of the story, Eli goes on a total rant about how Tanglewood Manor is cursed rather than haunted. See, Eli doesn’t believe in ghosts. He’s an investigator at heart, and there’s not a bump in the night that he can’t explain.

But when it comes to curses? Well, that shit’s real, man, best watch out.

Chapter 1 - Page 21

“Isn’t that supposed to read kaboom?”

No, mom, it’s art I get to use whatever onomatopoeia I want. I’m the ar-teest, and I say this lightning sounds like kathoom and not kaboom because kaboom is mainstream and that’s not artsy enough for me, okay?

Besides, the T and H fit better over the top of Tanglewood Manor. Gawsh, what was I supposed to do? Cover the B?

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