Chapter 1 - Page 23

Fish-head, Explained

So, I have a promise to fulfill.

If you read the comments for Page 17, you’ll remember that I promised tell you why “Fish-head” is named Fish-head, but only once we got to see him again on page 23. Well, it’s page 23 and I’ve got some splainin’ to do.

In my defense, I waited this long because Fish-head has a much clearer image in this page, which helps illustrate what the big deal really is.

Allow me to explain in visuals:



Fish head

Fish head

This, by the way, is complete coincidence. One of our beta readers started to refer to a so-called “Fish-head” in the background of our comic, and when we asked into it, this was the explanation we were given. Since then, Fish-head has charmed his way into our hearts as a favorite NPC, so keep your eyes on the guy in future chapters.

Chapter 2 - Page 23

Don’t go to bed yet!

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