Chapter 1 - Page 24


And with page 24, we complete our 24 hour post-a-comic marathon! Drama! Mystery! Anticipation! What could possibly happen next?! Stay tuned to find out!

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Chapter 1 - Page 24

First Page, Last Page, Same Diff

Page 24 is actually the first page we completed for Chapter 1, as well as the last page we completed.

What does that mean? Well, in the comic’s infancy (through toddler a perhaps even cranky teenage years) we planned Magical Boy Basil to run in black-and-white. In order to get a quick win and something to experiment with, we selected page 24 as our “least complicated” page to draw. Beckah drew this page first, handed it to me, and I started laying in the gray-scale tones.

During that phase of production, I was waiting for Beckah to complete line work for the next page, and I was also bored of staring at black-and-white. I decided to experimentally lay in color, and suddenly the page came to life. From that moment forward, the comic was destined to be produced in full color.

Of course, as the chapter progressed, I improved in my coloring skills and got more comfortable with using Adobe Illustrator to do the work. By the time we finished Chapter 1, page 24 was in desperate need of some updates. So I spent a few hours fixing it up, and it became the final page of our chapter to be so-called completed. (What can I say. Deadlines are designed to pry work out of our cold dead fingers.)

So. You have Aaron to thank for the comic running in color. (He says “you’re welcome.”)

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