Chapter 1 - Page 3

It’s 2AM, Go to Bed.

This page is scheduled to post at 2AM due to our hourly roll out. If you’re reading this as it posts, your mother told me to tell you it’s past your bedtime.

Of course, I shouldn’t be the one talking. We pulled a lot of 2AM nights in order to finish this chapter. It painfully reminded me that I’m not in college anymore. Seriously. This should not be a thing adults do.

Chapter 1 - Page 3

Fun fact: we did not complete the pages for Chapter 1 in order. We started with page 24, and then bounced throughout the chapter from easiest to hardest page to complete. Page 3, this one, came in the early middle section, and it was this page where I accidentally turned on the ‘screen’ opacity for my mist layer and realized it looked kinda cool.

Oh Basil… What kind of trouble have you gotten into?

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