Chapter 1 - Page 4


Allow me to deviate from our standard updates for a moment to inform you of something cool. You can own this page. And/or any other pages as well. How so?

We’re selling the original art for each page. Each page was made from an 11″x17″ ink illustration on comic board, produced by Beckah, which was then scanned into the computer and colored in Illustrator by Jill. You can, indeed, own the physical ink work of your favorite page.

How so? Well, we’d love to say that they’re available through our shop, but that’s not the case while we’re running such a tight ship. (Our shop is pretty limited until we make more sales.) For now, I’ll just tell you here that each page sells for $100 (shipping included), and you can contact us using the form at the bottom of our Support Us page. Let us know which page you’d like to own, and we’ll let you know if it’s still available!

Chapter 1 - Page 4

Enter "Conflict of Interest"

So when I was designing the page layout for Chapter 1, I first took a look at my favorite comics to see how they opened the story. Particularly, I looked at a bunch of Issue #1’s since that’s what I was working on. And I found a pattern.

The pattern, roughly, goes something like this:

  • Page 1, enter the main character in a mysterious situation.
  • Page 4, enter an intense conflict of interest. Most likely, someone’s about to die. (See: above.)
  • Page 8 or 9, max it out.
  • Page 9 or 10, twist it up.
  • Page 10ish for a bit (this is where things tend to get fuzzy), show the reader what’s actually going on. But at the same time, don’t. (Hey, storytelling is an art, not a science.)
  • Toward the ending, indicate the mystery is definitely not over. (It never is, I assure you.)
  • The last page, cliffhanger or some bizarre twist of fate that lands the character back into a mire. Because comic books.

I suppose some of you are saying TAG YOUR SPOILERS right now, but come on, you didn’t think I’d make this easy for Basil, did you? Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

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