Chapter 1 - Page 8

Bonus Points

Bonus points if you know the poem/play Aaron’s magic is based on. Without using Google. (No judgements if you use Google though. We did.)

Chapter 1 - Page 8

So here’s the thing about talking animals in comics. I’m always wondering… Do they speak with their mind? Do they speak their mouth? Their vocal chords don’t even do what ours do, they can’t logically speak English. They don’t even have proper lips. (Side note: Particularly if you’re a bird. Like, seriously, talking birds just do not make sense.)

And then Beckah reminded me “It’s magic” and “we’re drawing cartoons, dammit, just roll with it” and we drew it anyway.

But be warned. I’m still obsessing thinking about this. The physiology of talking animals is distasteful to me. If the familiars start to look like they’re speaking through some kinda psychic connection instead of with their mouths, that’s because I don’t care if it’s magic, I cannot even right now.

Because, you know, it’s possible for animals to talk—they just need psychic powers. Which is more realistic. Obviously.

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