Chapter 1 - Page 9

The White Knight

Who is this mysterious hero?! How did he get to be so strong?! Isn’t that an awesome outfit?!

I hope you’re enjoying the comic so far. It’s 8AM by the time this posts, which means that reasonable human beings get to enjoy the first nine pages in one fell swoop with their morning coffee. By now you’re getting a feel for what kind of story you’re getting into, but today’s excitement is far from over! We’ve got 15 more pages we’re rolling out today, one every hour, on the hour, so keep checking in as the day progresses.

In the meantime, lemme throw in a shameless plug for our online shop, which features a fantastic print of The White Knight in all his awesome magical regalia, signed by both the creators of Magical Boy Basil. We also have a “Magical Girl” Basil print available if that tickles your fancy, and you’ll see that we have a new product coming soon, which we’re trying to get some seed money (from print sales or one-time donations) in order to produce it. Wanna know what the new product is? Check it out!

Chapter 1 - Page 9

Wake up?! What could he possibly mean?!

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