Chapter 2 - Page 1

Lovin' the Staycation

Beckah and I are taking a hard-earned week off from comic book production. Chapter 1 roll out was a success and we’re looking forward to getting into a new groove for Chapter 2. Once we return from our break, our challenge will be to establish and maintain a reasonable pace. We know we can succeed in the face of crunch-time, but now it’s all about endurance.

But that’s next week’s problem. For now, we’re going to nap, go to the movies, and re-establish contact with the outside world. Cause, y’know, people say that’s a thing to do.

Of course, just cause we’re on vacation doesn’t mean we’re going to skip an update!

Chapter 2 - Page 1

This week we begin Chapter 2: A Place Like Tanglewood! Basil has his hands full with untangling the mystery behind Tanglewood, the White Knight, and his uncannily familiar classmate, Aaron Serge. Stay tuned to learn more!

Our Release Day Winners!

Congratulations to Jennifer from Facebook, Sid from Tumblr, and Amy from Twitter for winning our Release Day Giveaway! We’ll be shipping out their sketch requests soon. Thank you all for helping spread the word on the comic’s release day!

And a Little Something New~

During the comic’s release, we teased about a new product coming to the store. Of course, if you clicked through to see our shop, you already know that the new offering is Original Sketch Art!

We’ve removed the “coming soon” tag on the product and they’re now officially available for purchase! If you didn’t win the Release Day Giveaway, now’s your chance to get something similar! You too can have an original sketch of your favorite character. <3

Thanks, and see ya again next week!
-Jill and Beckah

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