Chapter 2 - Page 10

What's Your Familiar?

WHAT UP. The Powers That Be have put me in charge and boy do I have something fun planned!

It involves...familiars! ‘What’s a familiar’ you ask? Well, you know that cat that’s been slinking around Aaron for the last couple pages? Or how about that purple potato that’s always with Basil in our prints? Simply put, a familiar is a magician’s personal guide. They stay at their magician’s side at all times, giving them advice, teaching them right from wrong, and showing them what magic is all about. They’ve each got their quirks, and they’ve each got a magical teen to deal with!

I’m gonna tell you straight up, I was a handful as a teenager which left me wondering....what sort of familiar would have the misfortune to get stuck with me? This thought led me to a fun idea for this week!

Team Magical Boy Basil wants to get to know you, our amazing readers, and the sorts of familiars each of you would have! Share a picture of your familiar with us, be it your pet or your favorite animal, and post it either at FacebookTwitterTumblr or… (*drum roll*)Instagram!

I’ll be joining you all on our social media hubs, sharing fun facts about Magical Boy Basil’s group of magical guides and posting pictures throughout the week. But what’s a social media event without all the appropriate hashtags? This week’s hashtag of choice is #whatsyourfamiliar. Just add that little guy on your pictures and share your familiar with the rest of us!

Chapter 2 - Page 10

#noticemesempai BUT WHAT COULD THIS MEAN?!

Making Of

If you follow us over on Patreon, you’ll know that we recently reached 10 patrons! We decided to celebrate this milestone with a monthly installment we call the "Making Of" series.

Our most recent Making Of was all about how to make a comic book page! It’s an awesome article written by Jill and if you haven’t read it yet, you should read it now. The article is available at the $1.00 tier and it’s full of amazing things like page layouts and creative processes, detailed step-by-step instructions, and sneak peeks into Beckah’s artistic scribbles!

We can’t thank you enough for all of your support but I’m gonna make an honest effort! Thank you SO SO much for reading, supporting, liking and sharing Magical Boy Basil. This project makes us happy and it makes us even happier knowing it makes you happy! We couldn’t do it without you!

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