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The Con is Upon...Us!

This weekend is finally SPX and we are SO READY! We’ve been doing prep work all week, getting beautiful prints framed and packing up cute little postcards and more. For those of you just tuning in, Team Magical Boy Basil will be attending Small Press Expo this weekend (the 17th and 18th) in Bethesda, MD.

If you’re attending, we'd love to meet you! You can find us at table W89 with Mariah Almeida, an old friend who will be representing RogueStudio Comics.

Chapter 2 - Page 11

Oh man, Aaron you broke the kid's watch? OR DID HE?!

Familiars on Parade

Not only are we super hyped about SPX but we’re also all about that #weblife. Since being put in charge of marketing, I’ve been working on representing Magical Boy Basil across a wide range of social hubs such as our FacebookTwitterTumblr, and, most recently, Instagram. We’ve got a really fun, interactive campaign going on this month that will help you create your very own familiar! Hop onto any of our sites and join the fun!

Summer Fun

Summer is coming to a close! I'm not ready! I feel like it only just got hot! But whining aside, this is the last weekend to get our Summertime Sanjeet framed print! Our framed prints are high-quality prints on archival art paper, framed in 8"x10" black or white frames, and we've got a few to select from.

Wanna help us get gas for the ride home from SPX?  (Or, you know, we could just stay in Bethesda forever.) How about sparing a little change so this kid can get a SLIM JIM?! Head over to the Magical Boy Basil shop and browse through our beautiful selection of printssketch requests, and other original art (or comic pages!) and don't forget! This is the last week you can get your very own Summertime Sanjeet!

Along with summer, our convention season is finally drawing to a close. We'd like to give a shout out to all of YOU, our AMAZING fans and followers for supporting us through all these events. It’s been so fun and we’ve learned so much and we really, truly couldn’t have done it without all of you. Thank you! 

<3 Team Magical Boy Basil

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