Chapter 2 - Page 12


We have returned victorious from Small Press Expo! As you know, last weekend was our last con of the season and we had a blast! We met up with old friends, saw our recent con-buddies, and met a TON of new folks, not to mention we reached 100 followers on Twitter! (Can you say INTERNET FAMOUS?!)

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Chapter 2 - Page 12

First you break his watch, now you're mean muggin' him? Jeez, Aaron.

"Read the Fine Print"

At the beginning of the month, we started a fun campaign called #whatsyourfamiliar. So far, it featured interesting facts about familiars and magicians, and it walked you through how to create a familiar and magician persona of your own!

Now that you have your very own familiarmagicfighting style, and zany magical outfit, we want to make them OFFICIAL. This week, we've got this cool profile that you can share with your friends on FacebookTwitterTumblr, or Instagram. Not only that, but anyone who donates a dollar on Patreon this month will get a customized Familiar Contract. Just post your profile to our Patron Only feed and we'll make one for you!

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Thanks so much to all of you! Due to your continual support and enjoyment of the comic, Magical Boy Basil has grown exponentially since it launched in July. We're so glad to have such a positive community as the backbone of this artsy adventure, and we're excited to share more story, more art, and more magical mishaps with you as the comic continues to grow. Thank you.

<3 Team Magical Boy Basil

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