Chapter 2 - Page 15

Life is Exciting!

You guys are all AWESOME. I just thought I'd start off with that. WHY are you awesome? Because with your help, we've nearly reached out first milestone! IT'S SO EXCITING! Once we reach $250 on Patreon, we'll have the ability to start producing posters. Our first poster will be of Basil and Aaron!

As part of this, our Patreon community is going to help us design the poster! All patrons can make requests, give suggestions, and even upvote other patrons' ideas PLUS high-tier patrons get a signed copy of the poster! Fun for the whole family! As of right now, we're only $38 dollars away with half the month ahead of us!

Chapter 2 - Page 15

What a gorgeous...creepy kitchen you have, Basil.

Trick or Treat

Have you heard about Sanjeet's awesome Halloween parties? Or that Twill doesn't like candy but he DOES love white cheddar popcorn?  

We've been treating you to some fun Halloween facts about the characters, and the response has been amazing! We asked what Loom could dress up as for Halloween and Kamen says on Facebook, "I'm looking at a picture of Loom's grumpy face and I can't stop putting a wig on his head and thinking he'd make a good Donald Trump." Maybe we could get Beckah to draw that...

There's still plenty of nights left in the month which means plenty more #TricksTreatsandMagic, so keep an eye out on our Facebook, Twitter, and Tumlbr

Spoopy Scary Groupthink #6

Don't forget today is the last day to throw ideas at us for this month's Groupthink. Just shoot us your own idea over on our Patreon post or upvote someone else's idea. After today, the groupthink will be closed and Beckah will start the exciting process of drawing the winning idea! And remember, the theme this month is the ever spoopy Halloween!

You guys are great and your participation, support, and existence makes this project so much fun! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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