Chapter 2 - Page 17


Wonder wonder what's in a...mystery fun pack!

We updated our shop! Available to you now is a little thing we like to call THE MYSTERY FUN PACK! What's in it? Nobody knows! But it DOES include:

  • 4 mystery sketch prints
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This lovely little bag of fun has a $40 value but it's yours for only $25! WHAT A STEAL! (Or so they say~)

Chapter 2 - Page 17

Oooohhhh, Mace you're in SO MUCH TROUBLE!

One Last Treat!

Though the month is nearly over, that doesn't mean it's too late to sign up for this month's Halloween themed groupthink postcard and Prestige Prints! Become a patron and get access to fun things like the Magic Circle, the Backstage Pass, our monthly groupthinks and of course, our brand spankin' new Prestige Prints. Prestige Prints are beautiful 5x7 prints signed by the creators and available only through Patreon!
As always, you guys are amazing. Due to your support, we've been able to expand our shop, our story, and our love for comics! We couldn't be happier to be sharing this project with you, and we hope you continue to enjoy the story as much as we do!
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