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On Track

Alright! Here we are, on time for our second ever regular Friday update. So far, so good, and we’re aiming to keep it that way.

The schedule feels very weird to Beckah and me right now. Magical Boy Basil is entering a new phase of life which requires slow-and-steady progress rather than breakneck madness. Toward the end of last month, we got used to the high-octane, high-stress production schedule of 3-4 pages per week, but it was at the sacrifice of everything else. Now days, we’re trying to learn what 1-2 pages per week looks like with (*gasp*) regular time off.

The difficulty is figuring out our real stress thresholds. It’s one thing to just accept that the next couple weeks are going to be hell so do it anyway, and it’s another to figure out how to minimize stress for maximum endurance while keeping ahead. It’s probably going to take until the end of this month for our production schedule to hit its stride, but in the meantime the comic is publishing just fine.

Chapter 2 - Page 1

This week, Eli’s giving Basil a hard time about Aaron. I’m sensing a pattern on the horizon…

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And again (and again and again) many thanks to all of you. It feels so good to know that there’s people out there who love the comic as much as we do.

<3 Jill and Beckah

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