Chapter 2 - Page 20


For the last few weeks, we here at Team Magical Boy Basil have been attending a small business course offered by a group called SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) through our local library. It was a six week crash course in business planning, social media do's and don'ts, financial management, and more. Since the start of the course, we've organized our professional approach to the comic and we're SUPER excited to put everything we've learned to good use!
Watch out 2017, we're about to blow this outta the water.

Chapter 2 - Page 20

Basil, seriously! Don't op- He did it anyway...

An Awesome Interview

Whaaaaat?! is that an interview we spy? Heck yeah it is!
YA Interrobang, a review website that features diversity in young adult entertainment, asked Team MBB for a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Magical Boy Basil. The interview covers the 'how' and 'why' we tell stories like Basil's through the medium of webcomics. The interview was released on Monday! If you haven't already clicked on the link above, you can read the interview here.

Magical Boy Theater

Two things:

1) We've got something really cool starting up this week: Magical Boy Basil process videos! With each new page we release, we'll post a video to Patreon that features the process work behind that page. These videos will be available at our BACKSTAGE PASS tier.

2) Today is Beckah's birthday! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKAH!!) You can help support her dream to become a full time comic artist by supporting her on Patreon!

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