Chapter 2 - Page 22

One Mile Achieved!

WE DID IT!! We've reached our first milestone! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone supporting us on Patreon, we couldn't have done this without you all.
Now that we've reached this amazing milestone, we'll begin the production process of our very first Magical Boy Basil poster featuring Basil and Aaron! Patrons will have the ability to pitch ideas, gain backstage access to process work, and receive a signed copy of the winning poster. Keep an eye out for when we open up suggestions!

Chapter 2 - Page 22

Good job Basil! Looks like maybe your toilet paper did the trick...Or did it??

The Days are Getting Shorter

Now that the holidays are upon us, it seems our time grows ever shorter. Holiday travel is going to start soon and while that won't affect our weekly updates, it WILL affect December's groupthink- but just a LITTLE bit.
To make room for much needed family time, this month's groupthink suggestions will only be open for the first week of December. But never fear! Come the end of the month, we'll have another gorgeous print available and the wait will be SO worth it.
In the giving spirit? Join us on Patreon to get cool postcards, prints, and posters!

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