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Flame Con 2017

This just in! We'll be attending Flame Con 2017!

Flame Con is the first convention we've announced for next year, but we're hoping to sign up for a few more very soon. You can follow us on Facebook to keep up with all our schedule updates, table announcements, or just to keep in touch. Let us know if you'll be there so we can wave frantically as you walk by.
In the giving mood? Consider helping us cover travel and hotel expenses with a <one time donation>. If all of our readers gave $1 right now, we'd be all set for Flame Con!

Chapter 2 - Page 23

Uhm...Basil? Basil! Your hand?!

Fantastic Tapastic!

What, what?! Magical Boy Basil is on Tapastic! Now you can get Magical Boy Basil updates on your mobile device (both android and apple) by downloading the Tapastic app and subscribing to Magical Boy Basil.
We're really excited to be working on this new platform and we hope you all enjoy it too!

Winter Break

December is creeping along and we just wanted to remind you all that while we will be away for the holidays, Magical Boy Basil will continue to update every Friday! Our shop is also open for orders, but shipping will resume when we're back from break on January 11th.
Taking a break doesn't mean radio silence, though. You can follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram to keep up with all our holiday hooblah.

Milestone Poster Event #1!

We reached our first milestone, and do you know what that means? We're launching our very first Milestone Poster Event this week!
Milestone Poster Events work similarly to our groupthink events except that there's a lot more involvement with you guys and the rewards are insane! Patrons get to submit ideas for the poster, vote on sketch thumbnails, get behind-the-scenes process work, digital downloads, and even the winning poster signed by the team!
You can join us for the fun over on Patreon. Even the $1-tier gets to enjoy a slice of this pie!

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