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Peanut Gallery, We Need You!

Oh my goodness, we have been having a BLAST this week over on our Milestone Poster Event. We've had a rainbow of prompts come in, ranging from magical transformation sequences to coffee shop dates to a brilliant #YuriOnIce pole dancing reference (which is being screened out under the "inappropriate" heading but is hilarious anyway).
Today is the last day to throw in your own suggestions at the $10 tier. Any ideas you guys offer will get a thumbnail drawn by Beckah next week, and the week after will begin our voting segment of the Milestone Poster Event. Stay tuned for all the upcoming fun. Before you know it, we'll have a fantastic poster to share!

Chapter 2 - Page 24


Groupthink #8: Not So Secret Santa!

This month's groupthink results are in! The winning prompt was "Loom and Spindle exchanging gifts for Secret Santa." Beckah was immediately inspired and produced the cutest, most colorful picture for you guys. It's hilarious, whimsical, and all around adorable and have I mentioned how cute the colors are?
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