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Goodbye 2016, and Thank You!

Well, it's the end of the year, folks, and we want to share some heart-felt thanks with you.

Way back in July, Magical Boy Basil was introduced to the internet, and what a warm welcome we received. Right off the bat, you guys opened your arms and hearts and supported this comic, and that meant the world to us. 

We've come a long way in six months! Since Magical Boy Basil's launch on July 1st, we've completed fifty fully colored, gorgeous pages filled with every absurd expression Basil could possibly make. Throughout this amazing journey, we were able to attend a variety of conventions from Flame Con 2 to Small Press Expo to Big Apple Comic Con. Magical Boy Basil was featured on the front page of Interrobang where the girls gave an interview about how they make comics. And we welcomed Sid onto the team to create fun social media campaigns that got all you awesome fans involved.

As we wave goodbye to 2016, we also wave hello to 2017 and all the exciting events to come. To start us off, we here at Team Magical Boy Basil are planning a Kickstarter in February to create our first print issue of Magical Boy Basil. And you're all familiar with Patreon by now, yeah? (Of course you are! We remind you enough about it.) Our goal for 2017 is to earn enough through Patreon to pay Beckah what she's worth for all the hard work she puts into creating Magical Boy Basil. And don't forget the conventions we have lined up! Flame Con 2017, potentially BishounenCon, and a few others on our list!

So really, thank you all so, so, SO much for supporting us through 2016. We look forward to working with you all for another awesome, magic-filled year.

Chapter 2 - Page 26


Last Day to Vote


As a reminder, today is the last day to vote for the winning Magical Boy Basil poster. ALL of our patrons are welcome to vote! Not a patron yet? Consider donating $1!

Stick with us in 2017 to catch all the process work we'll be sharing!

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