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OH MY GOSH, THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING THING EVER. We've been confirmed for BishounenCon! Not only that, but Jill has also been selected to be a panel moderator! The panel is called "Character Development in Fiction" and it's all about writing queer characters for comics. Perfect for Jill.
BishounenCon will be in Rhode Island this year on the first weekend of March, and we absolutely cannot wait for it. We hope you guys can enjoy it with us.

Chapter 2 - Page 29 least you don't have to worry about the monster anymore, right? 

Kickstarter Video? Check!

With every day that passes, February grows a little bit closer, and do you know what happens in February? MAGICAL BOY BASIL ISSUE #1 KICKSTARTER, THAT'S WHAT! This past weekend we filmed our Kickstarter video. Jill cut it together and it looks so legit. Remember, the Kickstarter launches February 1st, so keep your eyes out and your browser refreshed!
In the meantime, we're searching for ways to spread the word about Magical Boy Basil and the Issue #1 Kickstarter. If you or someone you know writes for a blog and would be willing to give us a signal boost, let us know!


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