Chapter 2 - Page 3

Things Have Been Better

This week has been a blur of rough times on the home front. A better formulated update will be forthcoming over on our Facebook by next Friday, but for now we're keeping pace with the comic while the storm blows over. So I apologize for this very brief update, but we all know you're really here for the page update anyway. ;D

So , without further ado~

Chapter 2 - Page 3

Poor Eli.

Beckah and I have been really enjoying the positive response Eli has been getting from you guys. I guess that just means that we'll have to start giving him a hard time, huh?

Oh! You didn't know how this works? Yeah, as a writer, I'm obligated to make your favorite characters' lives miserable. Because, you know, it's strangely entertaining. No hard feelings. <3

We're Getting a Makeover

It turns out that creating and maintaining a webcomic on your own website is deceptively complex. A webcomic has specific needs: robust navigation, pages that load quickly, site design that encourages visitors to read the pages in order, etc. Right now, our website is a Frankenstein's Monster that barely meets the minimum requirements, and we'd like to upgrade.

Through your generous support on Patreon and a few sales we've made, Beckah and I have almost saved enough that we'll be able to give the website a much-needed makeover. This will include a streamlined template, super fast loading comic pages, and a much expanded online shop. The new Magical Boy Basil website has already been designed and is set for launch, but we're just $40 shy of being able to afford it.

So please allow me to insert a shameless plug for our shop: We're hoping to round up the last dollars we need in order to launch this week. If you've been eyeing sketch requests, or perhaps one of our prints, now would be an awesome time to consider purchasing. We also have our Groupthink #2 original artwork (Loom and Noah pictured above) available for purchase for $40 (framed, shipping included). Alternatively, we're opening up a couple $40 commission slots: you tell us what picture you'd like, and we'll draw it (same style as the groupthink) and ship it to you! Reply to this email if you're interested.

Or, if you're feeling especially generous this week, we always accept one-time donations over here. <3

And hey-

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