Chapter 2 - Page 4

Aw Yeah, That's a New Logo

Thank you everyone! With your support throughout last week, we were able to give Magical Boy Basil a digital facelift!

We've got a brand new logo that is a whole lot stronger than our previous iterations. You could say this logo plays well with others. It mixes well with other fonts (such as on our website or business cards) and it's readable even when printed at small sizes.

The website also got a super clean and fast update, which I hope you all enjoy. You'll notice that the newsletter, shop, and one-time donation pages are now all integrated into the site rather than having to redirect to other services. The chapters are neatly sorted into galleries with visual navigation that doesn't take a century and a half to load. It's all 'round better, and it's all thanks to you! So thanks!!


Chapter 2 - Page 4

Ooooooh what now! Basil is getting mad! But what's he gonna DO about it?!

We've been having a really fun time getting reference for this scene. Beckah is small, so we usually stick her in Eli's position so it's easier to get the down-shots we need. Then our tall friends squish her down and push her around a bit while I take pictures and cackle like a madman.

It's alright, though. I'm just hasslin' her. We've been friends a real long time. ;D

A Promised Update

Well, I promised last week that I'd give an update about how things are going on the home front. Information is still coming in, so I won't say much until the ground stops moving under our feet, but I'll give you the gist of what's going on.

Beckah's been sick recently. It's caused a lot of intense fatigue, brain fog, a general sense of malaise and shortness of breath. We've been jumping through doctors-hoops the past couple weeks in order to pin down what exactly is going on. There's some leads, which is positive, but there's some tough choices that come along with it and we're trying to construct a gameplan right now.

So far as the comic is concerned, we're remaining on track for our Friday updates. Beckah also managed to complete the groupthink request for July. If you're signed up for the postcards, you can expect July's postcard to arrive in the middle of next month. I was hoping to get them into your hands by the first week of the August, but July's schedule got a little wonked by the surprise illness and the printer needs two weeks of time to turn them around for us.

Keep your eyes peeled, though, because "Summertime Sanjeet" is a groupthink prompt you won't want to miss!

Extra Extra!

Speaking of groupthinks, you can join us over on Patreon for cool extras and sketch requests! This is the last couple days you have to sign up for August rewards, so don't miss out!

Also, we're totally just $5 shy of our growth-goal for July donations, so if you've been thinking about becoming a patron, it'd really make our day!

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