Chapter 2 - Page 5

Drawing Drawing Drawing

All week we've been wrapping up Patreon sketch rewards, our Release Day Giveaway prizes, and the groupthink request. I think they've all turned out great, if I may say so. You can keep an eye on our Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter to check them out. (There's a particularly funny "Basil and Loom doing Zumba" request on Facebook.) We even like some of them SO much that we're turning them into prints!

Chapter 2 - Page 5


But seriously, Eaton is really mean. Beat him up. If, you know, that's something you can actually do. It kinda looks like Basil might've bitten off more than he can chew. BUM BUM BUUUUM!

There's a con on the horizon...

Now that the comic is out in the world and regularly updating, Beckah and I will be turning our attention back to conventions over the next two months! We've got two major events coming up: Flame Con in August and SPX in September. We'll be tabling at both of these events, so if you're around NY, NY in August or Bethesda, MD in September, you can stop by in person!

We're already one week into August, which means we only have two more weeks until Flame Con (Aug 19-21). This means we'll be releasing a set of new prints to our shop, which we'll be selling both online and at the convention. We're hoping to use the sales to cover transportation costs to SPX as well as generating some cool new swag other than prints, such as Magical Boy Basil notebooks, stickers, and possibly even keychains!

We're hoping to make a lot of new friends and introduce a whole lotta strangers to Magical Boy Basil at Flame Con, so stick around—there's going to be a story or two worth telling soon!

Summertime Sanjeet

Speaking of new prints!!

I thought Beckah outdid herself when she added color to last month's "Noah and Loom" groupthink prompt. Little did I know that she'd go nuts over this month's "Summertime Sanjeet" prompt!

"Summertime Sanjeet" was created with ink and pencil on 100lb stock paper. We scanned her drawing into Photoshop and Beckah applied a texture technique that she enjoyed during college, though her latest twist is to use the chalk tool for coloring. She definitely spent many hours on this illustration that she should have been using on Page 5 instead, but she was enjoying it so much I couldn't pry it away until she was done, haha.

We enjoyed the results of this groupthink so much that we've turned it into a limited edition print! "Summertime Sanjeet" will be available in our shop only until the end of this summer, so don't miss out!

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