Chapter 2 - Page 6

We're at Table 60!

Check it out! An inside corner table!

Check it out! An inside corner table!

Exciting news! We got our table assignment for Flame Con! This will be our biggest event yet, and we're really nervous and looking forward to it. We got some practice pitching our story at Aw Yeah Minicon earlier this year, but we're stepping into a whole new ball game for Flame Con next week.

I'm pretty sure we're gonna do just fine, though. We'll be seeing our friends over at Hijack Press (table 117) along with a few others that we recognize from previous conventions. It's fun that we're reaching a sort of "Hey! I know you!" point with a few people at these events. If we keep it up, we'll start feeling like we're in our element soon enough. I look forward to really getting to know everyone in our local comics community.

Onto the show!

Chapter 2 - Page 6

Omigosh?? Is that MAGIC?? Bout time it showed up again in Chapter 2. I was wondering if we were ever gonna get around to that. But what's going to happen next?!

Free Lunch?

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I hope ya'll have a great weekend, and please stay tuned to find out what happens next!

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