Chapter 2 - Page 7

Flame Con is this Weekend!

Get Ready.

Get Ready.

And we are SO ready! We've got a set of 5 full-color prints, an insane number of original sketches, postcards, teaser fliers, business cards, all kinds of stuff! We even have a comic, haha!

We both had a couple 2AM nights preparing all this stuff for the convention, but the "work hard" part is done and this weekend is the "play hard" part. Last week I mentioned that we were feeling nervous about it all, but now that we're as prepared as we're gonna get, it's all excitement from here on out. We'll be reporting back to you soon about how it went.

And if you're gonna be in the area, come say hi!

Chapter 2 - Page 7

Uh oh, Basil got himself in trouble with exactly the wrong person. How are you gonna get out of this one, Basil?

Mystery Sketch Prints!

We've got something super fun over in our shop. We call them Mystery Sketch Prints because, you know, we're creative people who come up with creative names.

Mystery Sketch Prints are 5x7 prints made from the Character Sketch Requests that we receive. (The sketch requests are way cooler than they've ever been, so you should check those out too!) The fun part is that the print you receive is randomly selected from a pool of 24 sketches. Each sketch is sealed in a special-printed envelope to keep it a surprise. It's like an artsy grab bag!

Have fun unwrapping sketches, trade them with friends, and collect them all!

Achievement Unlocked!

I just gotta say, you all ROCK! Last week we did a super scientific experiment based on a statistic from Patreon. The statistic says that every Patreon page share on social media equates to $1 in donations. So we asked you all to share the page, and guess what?

It worked! Thanks so much for helping out, guys!

The increase in patrons over this past week has unlocked new special content on Patreon. Patrons at all levels will now be receiving a monthly "Making Of" article, which will feature cool things like:

  • Never before seen character sketches
  • Environment layouts and prop designs
  • An inside look at our developing creative process
  • Studies of illustration, film, and comics that inspire Magical Boy Basil
  • Art and story tutorials
  • Script and narrative that leads to visual scene development
  • And more!

Don't wanna miss out on all this cool new content? You can be a part of the fun too!

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