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Next Stop: SPX

Come see us!

Come see us!

Well folks, it's the start of September, which means Small Press Expo (SPX) is just around the corner! Team Magical Boy Basil will be attending SPX in Bethesda, MD, on September 17th-18th. SPX is a convention well known for its positive energy and focus on creators, so if that's the kind of vibe you like, we hope to see you there!

You can find us at table W89, right next to our good friend Mariah Almeida representing RogueStudio Comics. If you're going to be attending SPX, let us know!

Chapter 2 - Page 9

Whaaaaaat?! What just happened? What did Aaron just do? What does it all MEAN?! Stay tuned to find out!

Team Magical Boy Basil

Magical Boy Basil seems to be an ever-expanding project. The responsibilities grow a little more every month, and with SPX right around the corner (and all the preparation that comes with attending a convention) we've decided to hire on a little help.

We'd like to welcome Sid McNulty to the crew as our Temp. Marketing Assistant! (Sounds all official, right? I even used capital letters.) Sid will be helping out with our social media accounts (she's much better at it than I am, I promise) and our newsletters for the month of September. You can welcome her to the Magical Boy Basil community over on our Facebook, Tumblr, and/or Twitter, or just reply to this email to say hello!

Groupthink #4: A Delicious Disaster

Our community over on Patreon thought it would be funny to make Basil bake for the August groupthink. Turns out he's not much of a cook!

If you like this illustration, the original art for Groupthink #4: A Delicious Disaster is available over on our shop. Also, everyone at our $10+ tier on Patreon receives a postcard of the month's groupthink illustration. You can join us there and collect them all!

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