Chapter 3 - Page 10

Vanilla Bean

This week, Beckah finished the second of three oversized prints. This one is Vanilla and it's super sweet. Look at how cute Basil and Aaron are! 

If you're into behind-the-scenes process work, our Backer Blog will be featuring really cool gifs of these prints from start to finish on Patreon.

Chapter 3 - Page 10

Hey look! The Breaking Ball is back...That can't be good.

Spring Cleaning

'Tis the season for some Spring Cleaning, am I right? Pretty soon we're rotating the items in our shop, meaning some of the prints and postcards won't be available until next season. But never fear! This week only, we're having a 20% off sale on our whole shop! So if you've been eyeing that print of Aaron in all his armored glory or debating on getting an original character sketch, now is the time to grab them! 

Just use the code SPRING20 at checkout and automatically receive 20% off your purchase.

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