Chapter 3 - Page 11

We've Got Proof!

Ohmygosh, the most exciting thing happened this week. We got the hard copy proofs for Magical Boy Basil #1!
Earlier last month, Jill sent out the PDF of the comic to the printers and they've sent us the proofs which display what the final colors will look like when the comic is printed. This is great because it means as soon as Jill approves the proofs, the next step is printing actual comic books and you know what that means...Printed comics delivered to your doorstep. We can't wait!

Chapter 3 - Page 11

Looks like Basil is about to be a headline in the school paper! Poor kid~

It's Tipping time!

Have you heard that Magical Boy Basil is available on Tapastic? Tapastic is a really convenient mobile app for webcomics, and they've recently unlocked a tipping feature! Now, not only can you read and enjoy the comics you love, you can also tip the creators real money using Tapastic's 'coin' currency. Download their mobile app for Android or iPhone and watch ads in exchange for coins, and then tip the coins to Magical Boy Basil to give us a monetary boost!
Don't have a ton of time for tipping but still want to help? We gotchoo, fam. You can also tip us for real through the one-time donation option available on our Support Us Page. (Or click here for a direct link.)

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