Chapter 3 - Page 12

To the Printer We Go

Well, this is it folks. The hard copy proof is approved and the comic is officially printing. By June, you guys can expect real life comic books to hit the proverbial shelves. In the meantime, we've got a really cool new item up in our shop...

Introducing the Issue #1 + Process PDF! This PDF version of issue #1 features 90 pages of beautiful comic content, behind-the-scenes process work, never-before-seen chapter narrative, AND the original script and layout for Magical Boy Basil Issue #1. If you like to see how comics are made, Issue #1 is definitely worth checking out.

Chapter 3 - Page 12

Second day of Sophomore Year: Make a fool of yourself. Check.

Achievement Unlocked!

Holy cow, y'all! We reached $350 on Patreon and you know what that means? Milestone Poster Event #2, Besties, is now unlocked.

This poster features Basil and Eli being best friends, but the specifics are up to you. Starting May 1st, we'll open up voting to all our Patrons, so join us on Patreon today to get bonus rewards for May and participate in the Best Friend Bonanza!

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