Chapter 3 - Page 13

Fun Foldouts

Look what we got! These reversible foldout posters are hot off the press. They'll be included with the comic books for Kickstarter rewards! You can follow us on Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter in order to see updates as they come throughout the week.

Chapter 3 - Page 13

Basil is probably rethinking his life choices right about now...

April Showers and May Flowers

Beckah has done it again! This month's groupthink, April Showers looks so cute. The rain effect in the background really sets the mood and the boys look so comfy in their casual clothes. Thanks to ZippyZephy, a longtime supporter of Magical Boy Basil, for the suggestion!
We've got some fun stuff going on over at Patreon right now. We've added some extra goodies to our usual rewards tiers. Now, at the $5/month level you will get access to monthly desktop wallpapers and at the $10/month level you can get a 20% off code for groupthink print preorders! Just in time for April Showers, too. This month's code is good until the end of the month so get your preorder now!

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