Chapter 3 - Page 16

Updates, Updates, Updates

Last week, we sent out a survey to ask you what we're doing right and what we could improve. Let me say, you guys never disappoint! If you haven't noticed it yet, you should check out the Magical Boy Basil website. We were able to streamline the website based off your feedback, and we think you'll really like the results.
We want you to enjoy this comic as much as we do, so thanks for responding!

Chapter 3 - Page 16

Basil...Basil, what's in the bag?!

Groupthink #13 -  Frolicking Familiars

Frolicking. Familiars.
We sat on the couch for fifteen minutes just spit-balling a name, and Frolicking Familiars was At least we tried. Here's proof:

  • Awesome Blossoms 
  • Flower Power
  • Flowmiliars
  • Flower Friends
  • Blossom Buddies
  • Blossom Bros
  • Fields of Friendship

Got any better ideas? (We hope so.) We are open for suggestions. (read: desperate. We are desperate for suggestions.) Let us know!
That being said, this month's groupthink is TOO. CUTE. Look at that shine in Fray's eyes. AND LOOK AT SPINDLE'S FACE. Disgruntled Spindle is my favorite trend. Congratulations to Zoe for suggesting the winning prompt. Don't forget, Groupthink #13...Frolicking Familiars is available for preorder until the end of the month! Prints are 'made to order' so if you, or someone you know absolutely has to have it, preorder now! You can also join us at the $10 tier on Patreon and receive a 20% discount on your preorder plus full access to all of our digital process work and HD pages.

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