Chapter 3 - Page 17

Look at these 'Brotographs'

Add this one to the list of favorites, folks. Our second Milestone Poster Event is complete! Basil and Eli are chillin' in the grass looking back on all the fun they've had together. Between saving the world and dressing up in Hawaiian shirts, these boys are full-time Best Friends and this poster captures that perfectly. 
Thank you all so much for participating, and keep your eye out for Milestone Poster Event #3. We're creeping on our third Patreon goal and we're so excited! (By the way, we're still looking for two new patrons this month, so if you love Magical Boy Basil, please consider donating!)

Chapter 3 - Page 17


Pre Orders are Open!

Exciting things are happening in our shop right now! The pre-orders for both Groupthink #13, Frolicking Familiars (yeah, no one came up with a better name), and our second Milestone Poster, Brotographs, are going on until the end of the month! If you love, love, love either of these illustrations, make sure to get your pre-order before May 31st. These bad boys are 'made to order' and won't be printed without your support so get them while they're hot!

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