Chapter 3 - Page 18

Special Delivery

Our comic books arrive this month! Our current shipping estimation is that they'll arrive on our doorstep June 15th. We've got an expedited copy that will be arriving soon in order to personally check the quality, but we received some photos and it looks promising. Thanks so much for everyone who backed the Kickstarter. The books will be in your hands soon!
If you missed our Kickstarter, never fear. The comics will be available in our shop as soon as we've sent out the rewards to our backers. Keep your eyes open for the announcement in our Newsletter and on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.

Chapter 3 - Page 18

Real smooth, Basil. Real smooth.

So Close!

Last month our goal was to welcome 4 new patrons to Patreon, and we almost did it! So you can betchya we're gonna try again.

We're looking for 4 new patrons again this month and oh! What perfect timing~ This month's groupthink just opened up! You can support us at any reward tier and participate in the creation of our monthly prints!

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