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We've Officially Reached 60%

Ohmygosh, this is crazy. 60%? You guys are all amazing. In just over two weeks, and with two weeks left to go, our Kickstarter has surpassed the halfway mark. We also had a set of articles come out with YA Interrobang and Queer Sci Fi (thanks guys!) and Beckah completed the beautiful cover art for Basil's cover!

This week we also became the proud owner of a 'Project We Love' badge. This badge is given to projects that really stand out to the Kickstarter Staff. It also comes with some neat little perks, like front page representation. We know it's all thanks to you, our amazing audience, and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

This went from Mysterious Dream to Terrifying Nightmare real fast.

Groupthink #10 is Now Closed

Here comes the middle of the month, and with it, the end of voting for Groupthink #10. Our winner this month was "An Awkward Mix-Up" featuring *drumroll* Eli! PSA: Eli is Sid's favorite and she has been anxiously awaiting the day he'd be on a postcard. Well thanks February, and thank you Geoff, our resident Groupthink Genius, for suggesting the winning prompt. And thank you to everyone else who participated this month!

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