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We're 100% Funded

A few days ago, the Magical Boy Basil Print Issue #1 Kickstarter reached 100% funding! Now we're working toward our first stretch goal—twice the extra content! But wait, there's more!

Beckah finished the Kickstarter Exclusive Variant cover this week. Only 100 copies of this cover will be printed, and it's available on our Kickstarter! Are you a comic book collector? Then this is a double whammy because each copy will be signed, numbered, and have an inside sketch by MBB illustrator, Rebeckah Murray!

We're also happy to announce that international shipping is now available for all our rewards. Thank you so much everyone!

Chapter 3 - Page 5

Eli is SUCH a good friend! You found a good one, Basil.

Groupthink #11 is Now Open!


March is here and that means Winter is almost over! Probably. The weather doesn't know what it's doing lately. Luckily for us, we do. We're opening this month's groupthink!
In case you don't know, groupthink is a once-a-month illustration request available to all our patrons. The idea with the most votes wins, and then Beckah draws it. Sound like fun? :D

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