Chapter 3 - Page 7

Kickstarter Survey

Last week we sent out our Backer Surveys to everyone who supported our Kickstarter. Remember, if you supported Magical Boy Basil issue #1, you have until this Wednesday, March 22nd, to respond to the survey and get your name into the book!

Chapter 3 - Page 7

Oh Eli, excited by the simple things in life. This is the face of pure joy.

Best Friends Forever

You guys are the best. Patreon has seen a lot of traffic in the last week, and thanks to your help, we're approaching our second Milestone Poster Event
We're only $80 away from unlocking the 'Besties' Poster event featuring a full sized poster of Basil and Eli doing what they do best—being best friends. Once the milestone poster is unlocked, we'll put it in our shop along with our other two posters but don't forget! By being a part of the $20 tier on Patreon, you'll receive this poster signed by the creators, Beckah and Jill.
Thank you all so much for all of your help, love, and support. This project wouldn't be where it is without you and we really appreciate it.

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