Todd Matthy talks “Robots vs. Princesses"

On our journey to create Magical Boy Basil, we meet tons of  independent creators, and we're fortunate enough to even become friends with some of them. Our friend Todd Matthy is launching the first issue of his new comic he wrote, "Robots vs. Princesses." This comic is an action-packed, pop-culture mash up of fairy tale princesses and giant robot anime, and we didn't want to miss this opportunity to share such a colorful adventure with you.
So, Team MBB asked Todd, "What inspired you to create Robots vs. Princesses?"
Guest post by Todd Matthy
I came up with the idea for Robots vs. Princesses while substituting in a first grade class. The teacher left coloring pages for the class to do when they finished their work: princesses for girls, robots for boys. Suddenly it hit me, what if they fought? Then the other questions came, who are the princesses? Who are the robots? Why are they fighting? What kept them apart? It nagged me for the rest of the day and I started writing everything down. I had the outline of a story.

I was inspired to write an all-ages comic for my students. I teach Elementary School K-5 and I'd see some of the books they were reading, especially the younger grades, and thought they looked stale. "Homogenized, pasteurized, and sanitized" for the kids protection.  8-10 year old girls (in my experience) are more like Arya Stark rather than Cinderella. "What if Arya was a Disney Princess?" was how I created Zara. "What if she met Bumblebee?" was the starting point for Wheeler. "What if Cinderella's waltz with Prince Charming was interrupted by a Decepticon attack and how these characters would react?" These are fun ideas to play with. If you focus on how the characters would react emotionally and intellectually to that situation, you can make it relatable. After all, we all feel overwhelmed. 
What I hope is that Robots vs. Princesses will change how people look at "all-ages" comics. When "all-ages" is said, a lot of comic book readers think "kiddie books." I don't think that. Disney, Don Bluth, Sunbow, and shows like Voltron: Legendary Defender have shown you can tell a story that appeals to all ages without sacrificing sophistication while keeping it appropriate for young children. True family entertainment. I want Robots vs. Princesses to join that category.
Robots vs. Princesses is running a Kickstarter for issue #1 right now. The comic is written by Todd Matthy, with art by Nicolas Chapuis and letter by Sean Rinehart.

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